Fear of the Unknown

by lymerence

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released February 14, 2016



all rights reserved


lymerence Manchester, UK

lymerence is the alternative/art rock project of Billy Shaughnessy.


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Track Name: Gravity
Your eyes are very strange to me;
Somehow they weigh me down.
We can't tell
What all this light has drowned.

How does hope create a way
To destroy all the fear today?
Take the sadness from tomorrow
As precious waking hours are borrowed?

Paranoia lights the path
The blind were born to see;
It feels like I've been here before
Or was it just a dream?

Dragged into the starless void
I feel empty inside;
Gloom that seems to last forever
And smiles which stay left far behind.

Your eyes are very strange to me;
Somehow they weigh me down.
And just as well;
They keep me on the ground.

Looking on, avoiding turns
With each one, we must live and learn;
Old high hopes amongst the ropes
Above the flames but lost in smoke.
Track Name: You
You speak in blacks and reds, it's the sound of the dead
You got a rising moon, you got a mind like a balloon
You keep on thinking that you'll be a man soon
While I
Just delude myself instead

You got 'em caught up in a corner while they try to play games
You never know the right time to change
You extend the pretty moments while you go and get high
And I
Can't say I like the look of that life

And when I
Tried to walk against the tide
You caught me, you see

You think the world sets out just to put you in doubt
You sold your empathy so that you could speak loud
You got a shallow side that gives you kicks to hide
And I
Only wish I had that kind of pride

And when I
Tried to walk against the tide
You caught me, you see
Track Name: The Summer Sorrows
Summer's hazy,
Draw the curtain
Excited memories
Of running crazy

On the field
We ran for shade
As the girls were
Picking daisies
Track Name: Apollo
The flower crowns
Lay on the ground
In a place where you
Can look them down
And watch them burn away
Like modest fame

Repent thy sins
And down some gin
The revelation is
That you can't win
One day you'll be a star
Love came too far

And so you changed
To fit the chains
But it's not too late
To change again
Is this the end of our
Dance today?

On the day my friend Apollo fell
I wished him well
But it felt like hell
Drowned in sound
I let him down
Disciples turned
His bible burned

And you surely must've felt that too
Or are you not the man I knew?
The tame and silent kid, all alone
With a cheap flip phone all those years ago

I start to hear
Between the lines
Another voice
From another time
And then I see
The flatline

'Cause when I opened my heart to you
I thought you knew
But those feelings just weren't good enough for you
So you took your own heart too
And you tried to change your mind
And expect the world to move in normal time
So let's wipe the slate clean
And as you sip on a Dos Equis
You know you've reached the dream
Track Name: Derealisation
In high school corridors, what is left
But ravenheaded girls with chequered bags
By Autumn twilights in empty parks
Sit dirty blondes with cigarettes

Thunder through the day, and kissed by walls of grey;
Pictures of her bass put on her MySpace page.
Concrete, cobblestone, and woodenhearted homes;
Where did the time go?

Flash the camera, close the blinds
Try again to get rid of that red-eye;
The number in the corner shows the memories to come
You feel that winter chill run up your spine.

Plunder in the snow, the ethereal glow
Waiting for the silence to touch your ghost;
The yellow light fights your eyes of blue
Don't you feel the disconnection too?

Why did it have to make me feel so sad?
A foreign memory that I can't explain;
Brutal nostalgia through a stranger's eye
A distant life that I never even had.
Track Name: Miss Dark Eyes
Miss Dark Eyes,
Where were you last night?
I'd've held you tight
My dear, darling Dark Eyes

When you're here,
Who's to say I'm right?
When we're all just playing games
Games that run through the night

Dear Dark Eyes,
The life that you purvey;
Its dream drives me insane
When you're fitted with a collar of suede

All the same...